What Are Some Second Grade Science Project Ideas?

What Are Some Second Grade Science Project Ideas?

Some second grade science project ideas include a leaf display, terrarium and nature portrait. These projects include the use of items found in nature that students in second grade learn about.

Students can make a leaf display with wax paper, leaves and an iron. Instruct kids to gather leaves of various colors and shapes. Arrange the leaves on a sheet of wax paper. Place another sheet of wax paper on top of the leaves. Iron the two sheets of wax paper together to hold the leaves in place.

A terrarium requires a clear plastic container, small rocks, soil, bark and a small plant. Poke holes in the bottom of the container and spread a layer of small rocks at the bottom. Pour soil on top of the rocks, and position the plant in the center. Add a few pieces of bark to the surface of the soil to finish the terrarium.

A nature portrait combines natural items such as leaves, flowers, twigs and tiny pebbles to create artwork. Have children collect items from outside to use for the project. Use a poster board or piece of cardboard as a canvas for kids to draw a self portrait on. Arrange and glue the natural items to the board to decorate the portrait.

ScienceProject.com has a list of ideas for projects that include making a sundial, creating a model of the solar system or investigating a hen's egg. However, details on how to do each project are only available to members.

Project ideas promoted by Education.com, such as using salt to show why the ocean doesn't freeze, mention the required materials for each project and outline a proposed procedure for the student to follow.