What Are Some Second-Grade Science Lessons?


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Second-grade science lessons include topics such as the life cycles of insects, the water cycle, basic human physiology and the properties of common materials. Good second-grade lessons focus on things that are familiar to the children while giving them a start toward understanding how things work.

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The topics for second-grade science lessons are sometime divided into categories; these are most commonly presented as physical science, life science, and earth and space science. Within these categories, educators have plenty of scope for introducing children to details about their own bodies and those of other animals, as well as basic plant science, geology, ecology and astronomy. Physical science topics in particular also offer opportunities to include fun demonstrations of material behaviors such as playing with balloons and various gases, examining forces by pushing and pulling things, or examining the way water and other liquids change as their temperature changes.

Several online resources are available for teachers or home-educating parents who are planning second-grade science lessons. These include LessonsPage.com, ShareMyLesson.com and RESCu.Rice.edu. Some resources are free to use, while others require a subscription for resources beyond the sample lessons. Additionally, many sites offer ideas for supplemental experiments or demonstrations aimed at this grade to get young children involved in science in a hands-on, interactive way that promotes learning.

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