What Does the Second-Grade Journeys Book Include?


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The second-grade Journeys eBook is divided into two books with 15 lesson units per book. The theme for the first book is "Neighborhood Visit," while the second book's theme is "Heroes and Helpers." The books center around reading and comprehension skills such as learning how to use vocabulary in the correct context and understanding how to write or interpret the sequence of events.

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Each book is structured around a set theme, so students can follow a certain structure throughout the learning process. Each unit in the book is divided into sections that include:- Vocabulary in Context Comprehension; a short, illustrated story followed by a task for the student to create his own narrative; an informational text such as learning to make connections in vocabulary; and a Grammar and Write to Narrate section.

The Making Connections section includes a Make a List section where the student must create a list of reasons outlined in regards to the short story. The Compare and Contrast section contains an assignment for students to express what seems different and the same between two objects, while the Connect to Science section asks students to select an object from the compared items, research about the object by asking questions and finding answers, then share the answers with a partner.

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