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ScienceFusion is an online science program that can be used in a classroom or at home. The digital curriculum can be pursued on a laptop or tablet and the write-in textbook is available for those without computer access. Hands-on activities help students learn in a more direct way.

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ScienceFusion is designed to prepare students for future science courses and develop critical thinking skills. The curriculum provides write-in student textbooks, digital lessons and hands-on labs. Every lesson includes a fun, interactive lab. The lessons provide a meaningful way for students to interact with science. As students work through each lesson, they are required to use reasoning skills, ask questions, think and predict, and analyze their findings. Then students are required to apply what they have learned.

The ScienceFusion program is ideal for educators who feel that traditional programs fail to connect the learning with the real-world applications. ScienceFusion breaks that barrier and makes learning fun and easy. The lessons incorporate writing and math as well as graphic organizers. Educators or parents can modify the labs to facilitate directed, guided or independent study. ScienceFusion is available for homeschooling families as well. The curriculum for ScienceFusion can be purchased online and is available for grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

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