What Are Some Science Projects for Kids That Involve Fingerprinting?


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Science projects for kids that involve fingerprints include identifying whether surface temperatures have an effect on fingerprints and whether family members have similar fingerprints. Other project ideas include determining whether fingerprints are related to toe prints and solving a fake crime.

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When testing the effect of surface temperatures on fingerprints, drinking glass temperatures can be used as the independent variable with the clarity of the fingerprint on the glass functioning as the dependent variable. Kids can observe the clarity of the fingerprint on drinking glasses of different temperature.

To test whether or not family members have similar fingerprints, kids can take fingerprints from each of their family members. After obtaining the fingerprints, the kids can compare them for similarities. A similar test can be done to determine whether fingerprints are similar to toe prints. Children can take a fingerprint and toe print from each family member to yield more results and compare each for similarities.

Another science project involves setting up a short mystery that kids can solve through identifying fingerprints. After fingerprints are assigned to each participant, kids can analyze them to solve the mystery. Children can be taught about forensic science by identifying specific features in the fingerprints such as forks, eyes, dots, bridges and ending ridges.

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