What Are the Best Science Project Ideas for Students in 5th Grade?


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The website Science Kids contains a plethora of information and ideas about science and science fair projects for kids. The science projects are suitable for grades 3 through 8 and cover the topics of chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, plants and more.

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What Are the Best Science Project Ideas for Students in 5th Grade?
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A science fair project is easier to plan and execute, if the scientific method is first understood. The website outlines the scientific method, so that children can first understand all the steps involved in asking scientific questions, performing background research, forming a testable hypothesis, observing the experiment, collecting data and forming conclusions.

Once the scientific method is understood as a framework for the science fair project, children can start browsing ideas by topic. For example, under the chemistry section, potential topics include: why some fabrics shrink after being washed, which types of glue are the strongest and how glow sticks work.

Some physics science project topics include: how different surfaces affect the level of friction, the materials that absorb the most sound and testing Newton's three laws of motion.

Biology topic ideas include: using a microscope to examine different substances, the differences between yeast, mold, fungi, and mushrooms, and the investigation of how pollination works.

Browsing the topic ideas may stimulate another idea or the child or parent may develop a modified version of one of the basic ideas.

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