What Are Some Science Project Ideas for 6th Graders?


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Investigating Beauty with the Golden Ratio and How to Reduce Friction are examples of sixth grade science projects. Other project ideas include Buoyant Force of Water, Horizontal and Vertical Motion, and the Electrolysis of Water Experiment.

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What Are Some Science Project Ideas for 6th Graders?
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Investigating Beauty with the Golden Ratio is a project that investigates the effectiveness of the Golden Ratio in predicting human assessment of beauty. The necessary materials for the project include images of well-known celebrities, a ruler, a computer and a printer.

In the How to Reduce Friction project, students observe friction and determine which conditions create the least amount of frictional force. The materials for this project include a shoebox or light cardboard box, a balloon, scissors and other common classroom items.

The Buoyant Force of Water project allows students to measure the amount of weight a boat holds before it sinks. The necessary materials include a shallow cup, a bathtub or sink full of water and several quarters.

In the Horizontal and Vertical Motion project, students observe the effect vertical and horizontal motion has on a projectile. The project requirements include a skateboard, table and chair, a soccer ball and two coins.

The Electrolysis of Water Experiment allows students to determine which electrolytes conduct electricity the best during the electrolysis of water. The project requires test tubes, a small plastic cup, pushpins and a battery.

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