What Science Material Does Harcourt School Offer Online?

As of 2015, the Harcourt School Publishers website offers interactive science media, such as videos, minigames and tutorials, for students. The website also provides lesson plans, professional development resources for science teachers and links to supplementary materials from partners, such as SciLinks and Scholastic Weekly Reader.

Student resources are available for kindergarten through sixth grade and are based on curriculum units in Harcourt textbooks. Each grade level covers age-appropriate topics in life science, earth science and physical science, such as the five senses, desert ecosystems and plant life cycles. The kindergarten and first grade resources are primarily games and illustrations that encourage young learners to identify and complete patterns, draw conclusions from observations and answer questions about the Earth’s processes. Resources for higher grade levels incorporate more reading materials, including biographies of famous historical figures in science.

In the professional development section, Harcourt offers articles on improving science instruction, such as tips for asking engaging questions and helping students remember complex topics and vocabulary. The website hosts a section of SciLinks resources from the National Science Teachers Association with teacher-approved lesson plans and science fair ideas, such as “How do animals help plants?” and “How can weather be predicted?” Many of these lesson plans have an investigative approach and are paired with additional online resources to supplement textbooks.