What Science Material Does Discovery Education Offer?

What Science Material Does Discovery Education Offer?

As of 2016, Discovery Education offers two digital series of science material, one being for elementary and middle school and the other for high school biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and space science. Discovery Education Streaming Plus offers supplementary resources to accompany the digital textbooks.

The 5E model serves as the basis for the science digital textbooks. The textbooks also include an interactive glossary, digital resources such as video and audio files, practical exercises, data analysis, and scientific reading and writing activities for the students. The program design enables learning acceleration, personalization and remediation, allowing teachers to use the program with an entire class while focusing on individual student needs.

The science program is accessible through different devices, and the Apple iTunes store offers a Science Techbook iPad app for the program. The three available versions of the program are the national version, state specific version and Next Generation Science Standards version. Pricing information is available on the Discovery Education website.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus include supplementary science material such as writing prompts, multimedia activities, articles, videos and skill builders. It also provides a resource for students to find sources for writing activities and studies for tests.

The Discovery Education website has a Request A Preview button for interested parties.