What Are Some Science Games That Are Suitable for Teens?

What Are Some Science Games That Are Suitable for Teens?

"Chemical Mix Up," "Rocket Science 101," "Matter Sorter" and "Space Jeopardy" are some science games that are suitable for teens in middle school and high school. These and similar science games are freely accessible through various educational websites. The games mentioned here are offered by the University of Alabama, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Space Science Institute, and Quia, respectively.

Students explore characteristics of common elements, compounds and mixtures in "Chemical Mix Up." Players use the arrow keys to sort various icons, such as a helium balloon, a jug of water or a vile of blood, into the appropriate category. Students have the opportunity to view the properly sorted icons before each level begins and may click on the images for more information.

"Rocket Science 101" offers three difficulty options, all suitable for teens. In Challenge Yourself and Rocket Scientist modes, players select real missions, review information about the project, and then choose the best rocket to launch the craft. Students learn about rocket parts and how they work as they build and launch their rockets.

"Matter Sorter" is similar to "Chemical Mix Up," but players distinguish between four states of matter rather than elements compounds and mixtures. Players drop icons of items, such as water, lightening, oxygen and rocks, into bins labeled as solid, liquid, plasma or gas.

Teens test their knowledge of the solar system, space travel and the universe in "Space Jeopardy." One- and two-player modes are available, and the game follows a traditional Jeopardy playing style.