What are the best science fair projects for seventh graders?


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The best science fair projects for seventh graders are challenging and inspiring, such as, determining if weather affects a person's mood, how stress affects the body or how to make a cloud. Any project that answers a question that has to be conducted with a series of tests or shows how to duplicate a natural occurrence is considered a good science fair project for a seventh grader.

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There are many great seventh grade science projects, but a few below demonstrate how to get started.

Making clouds

Boil water on top of the stove and set aside to cool for about 30 seconds. Measure a couple tablespoons of water into a heat-resistant narrow-necked bottle and place an ice cube on top of the bottle opening. A cloud quickly forms in the bottle, making this a great experiment to add to a weather project.

How stress affects the body

There are many ways to test if stress affects the body internally or externally, but an easy way for a seventh grader to conduct this experiment is to demonstrate if stress alters body temperature with controlled subject testing.

Does weather affect a person's mood

With a small study group and a few weeks of altering weather conditions this project can demonstrate if the weather actually alters a person's mood.

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