What Are Some Science Fair Projects?


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Discovering whether brand-name or generic batteries last longer and determining whether an individual's dominant hand is more sensitive than the other hand make good science fair projects. The former experiment requires different brands of AA batteries, while the latter involves adult test subjects, ice water and a stop watch.

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What Are Some Science Fair Projects?
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Several brand-name batteries include Panasonic, Eveready, Duracell and Energizer. Kirkland, Rite Aid and Walgreens are a few generic brands. To perform the experiment, pick a day when you're available to track your experiment from morning until afternoon. Label the flashlights based on the battery models you use, and also specify if the batteries are alkaline or nonalkaline. Switch all of the flashlights simultaneously, and record the starting time. Record the time when each flashlight stops working.

To perform an experiment involving the sensitivity of the dominant hand, gather right-handed and left-handed adult test subjects, and ask them one at a time to immerse their hands in a bowl filled with ice water. Ask them to remove one or two hands if the cold water becomes too uncomfortable. Use a stopwatch to record the length of time each subject bears to keep his hands in the water. Study the results to find out if right-handed persons removed their dominant hand earlier than their non-dominant hand, and compare the data with the results of left-handed participants.

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