What Are Some Science-Based Summer Camp Activity Ideas?


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One fun activity for science camp involves using a fossil hunt to teach kids about collecting data and making scientific inquiries. The fossil images are hidden in envelopes within a specified area, allowing kids to make discoveries. Based on the fossil characters, campers draw conclusions about the type of animal they are studying. As they uncover more fossils, they revise their interpretations to create a more accurate representation of the animal.

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Another science activity is to compare the properties of candy, such as buoyancy and solubility. Kids take turns putting different candy bars of varying consistencies, such as KitKats, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Three Musketeers, into a large container or tank of water. Kids observe which pieces sink and float and how fast they dissolve. They can use the physical characteristics of candy to draw conclusions about how they react, such as density or air pockets in the chocolate.

In an area with ample outdoor space, children can study trees and record data about their characteristics. Each student needs a small journal to make drawings or impressions of leaves. The campers should compare the different properties of trees by examining features such as bark, cones and needles. They can incorporate math by calculating the heights of trees based on shadows and relative measurements, such as their own heights. Kids can use their findings to distinguish deciduous and coniferous trees or measure trunks to guess the ages of trees.

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