What Are Some Science Activities for Kids?


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Some science activities for kids include making kids' hands glow in the dark, creating a homemade ice cream maker and building a boat that is powered by soap. All of these activities are appropriate for elementary schoolers.

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What Are Some Science Activities for Kids?
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To learn about how things glow in the dark, kids can do an activity that involves putting on gloves, smearing their hands with petroleum jelly and placing a black light over their hands to show the glow, suggests the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A fun physical science activity involves using a very large coffee can, ice, rock salt and ice cream-making ingredients to make some ice cream, notes Education.com. A parent helps the kids mix together the ingredients and place ice and rock salt in the coffee can. Then the kids can roll the can to ultimately make the ice cream freeze.

Another science activity involves taking a foam tray, toothpick, liquid dish soap and container full of water and making a boat that can move. Kids use the toothpick to put soap on the boat's sides and then place it in the water. The boat will then move, according to ScienceBob.com.

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