What Schools Offer Free Welding Courses?

What Schools Offer Free Welding Courses?

Schools that offer free welding courses include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lake Land College and the Roanoke-Chowan Community College. The Alamo colleges offer free welding courses as well.

MIT offers a free welding and joining processes course through the OpenCourseWare Web-based publication. The course focuses on the scientific side of welding. It analyzes physical and chemical properties of welding materials and processes and covers topics including cold welding, soldering, solidification and adhesive bonding.

The Adult Education section in Lake Land College provides a welding fundamentals course under the short-term training program in applied technology. The college offers the course, which has no prerequisite qualifications, together with lessons in work ethics, industry career readiness and Occupational Safety and Health Administration courses. Students receive certificates upon completion.

Adults who have not earned high school diplomas can take a free welding course at Roanoke-Chowan Community College. Besides studying welding, qualified students attend basic skills classes that can lead to acquiring of General Education Development diplomas. They also take an introduction to computers course and WorkKeys tests that can help them earn career readiness certificates.

The Alamo Colleges offer a welding course for qualified veterans through the Veteran and Industry Partnership program. This hybrid course covers theory, applications and welding techniques. The colleges offer job placements for students upon completion.