What Are Some Schools That Offer Solar Training Courses?

What Are Some Schools That Offer Solar Training Courses?

Some schools that offer solar training are Northwestern Michigan College, Colorado Mountain and Red Rocks Community College, as noted by CleanEnergyAuthority.com. This website gives a listing of institutions that offer solar training and certificate programs in the United States.

Northwestern Michigan College has courses in solar power, site assessment and thermography as of 2015. This school also offers the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners solar training program that is useful for people who want to become solar installers. Some courses offered for this program can include an introductory course in solar electric power, solar photovoltaic electric systems and solar photovoltaic design and installation classes.

Colorado Mountain College is a school that offers three solar energy certificate programs as of 2015 including basic solar photovoltaic, photovoltaic installer and solar thermal installer. These different programs provide hands-on training, and the programs prepare students to take the NABCEP solar certification exam.

Additionally, Red Rocks Community College is an institution that has renewable energy technology programs that lead either to an Associate Degree in Applied Science or a certificate. Some certificate programs are for solar thermal entry level, energy auditing and solar thermal designer. Some AAS programs in solar energy are renewable energy technology and solar thermal specialty.

Although these are three schools with solar training programs, there are many other schools that offer coursework in this field such as Pima College and Pueblo Community College. CleanEnergyAuthority.com offers a list of schools with a variety of solar energy programs. To find more information on a particular school, click on the school name found at the left side of the general description area for a school.