What Schools Offer an Online Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy?


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Some schools that offer online bachelors degrees in pharmacy include Ashford University, Liberty University and Kaplan University. These universities offer Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, according to Excite.

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These schools' programs in pharmacy focus on classes that involve the sciences, such as chemistry and biology, and they also focus on pharmaceutical law and classes that deal with the ethics of pharmaceutical drugs. While these schools are offering bachelors degrees in pharmacy, they do not provide enough for the students to become pharmacists. A bachelors in pharmacy will qualify the student to become a pharmacy technician and allow the student to dispense medication to patients, accept payments, and fill prescriptions. Students are not allowed to be fill prescriptions alone in the pharmacy without a licensed doctor present, however.

To become a full-fledged pharmacist, a student must go through four years of medical school and also needs to pass a series of exams to become licensed. With this extensive knowledge, the pharmacist is able to correctly dictate drugs the patients need, as well as determine if the patient should not take the given medication with other medicine the patient may already have been prescribed, according to Bachelors Degree Online.

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