How Do Schools Offer Hosted Renascence Learning?

How Do Schools Offer Hosted Renascence Learning?

Schools use the Renaissance Place hosted platform to provide teachers, students, parents and administrators with extensive and better learning material aimed at equipping pupils with relevant skills for college preparedness. The program offers Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, STAR Assessments and Accelerated Math Fluency tools where users can have live chat interactions and use a wider range of devices in classroom learning.

In the Accelerated Reader 360 program, schools endeavor to help struggling readers, English language learners and students under feeding programs to achieve higher levels of growth across all learning levels. The tools are designed to aid teachers in supporting students learning by making it fast and enjoyable. Some of the tools include a collection of high-interest nonfiction articles appealing to students with new content added every month.

Teachers use the Accelerated Math program to deliver foundational skills and personalized learning for students based on college standards set by the state. This program focuses on areas relevant to career readiness by balancing math practice for students and those who need better fundamental math skills.

Schools depend on STAR assessments to provide valid, reliable, actionable test results in 20 minutes or less. Teachers can zero in on important facets of learning by individualizing instruction to accelerate learning for all students. The tests are easy to administer with results being valid, reliable and actionable.

Teachers utilize the Accelerated Math Fluency tool to help students learn and acquire the ability to recall math facts fast, accurately and effortlessly. This tool aids students to improve mental skills and to practice how to remember automatically math facts.