What Schools Offer Financial Analyst Certification?


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Schools that offer financial analyst certification include New York University, LaSalle University and Florida Atlantic University, among others. Prospective students can search for classes at schools of interest in order to find out which ones specifically offer this certification course.

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At New York University, the certification is made up of six base classes. A specialization can also be earned by taking two classes in advanced financial analysis, but New York University's course page recommends that anyone who isn't familiar with finance take introductory courses on the topic before or during the certification training. There is a number of careers available to students who pursue this kind of certification, including security analysis and portfolio management.

LaSalle University students provides at least three mock tests in preparation for its certification along with job placement help. This certification is part of the investment and financial analysis course at the college.

Florida Atlantic has paired with Bloomberg financial to help provide cutting-edge classes for students. Students must apply specifically for the program and are selected based on GPA, interview, essay and academic background. This is the only certification of its kind in the state of Florida and gives students access to a number of internships.

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