What Schools Offer Eighth-Grade Report Cards Online in Pennsylvania?

Schools that offer eighth-grade report cards online in Pennsylvania include middle schools in the School District of Philadephia such as the Baldi Middle School, the Amy Northwest Middle School and the General Louis Wagner Middle School. Other schools that offer report cards for eighth-grade include North Allegheny School District middle schools such as Carson Middle School. Availability of access to grades online depends on the school district.

Parents of public middle school students in Philadephia County can access report cards for their eighth-grade students by signing up for or logging in with a FamilyNet account at the Phila.K12.PA.US website. In addition to current report cards, FamilyNet also provides parents with their student's academic history, standardized test scores and benchmark analysis to track their child's progress. Parents need their child's student identification number and a valid email address to create a FamilyNet account.

North Allegheny School District parents can access grades online by using the Student Data Portal. Parents receive an email with log-in information. After logging in to the student account, parents can access grades by selecting the Student Documents link. Grades are available as PDF files. Parents can also view information concerning assignments and scheduling on the Student Data Portal site.