What Schools Offer Computer Training for Seniors?

What Schools Offer Computer Training for Seniors?

Alvin Community College in Texas and Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland are schools that offer computer training for seniors. Southwestern Illinois College and St. Charles Community College in Missouri have computer classes for seniors as well.

Alvin Community College provides computer training for people aged 50 and beyond, and its simple introduction courses are designed to teach seniors the different parts of a computer. Seniors also learn about networks, terminologies and operating systems. In addition, the college offers an Internet course for seniors.

Anne Arundel Community College offers computer technology courses for people aged 55 and above, including Computer Security for the Home and Computer Awareness. These courses teach students about computer components and techniques for guarding against viruses. Besides visiting the college, seniors can register online for the courses.

Southwestern Illinois College offers people aged 50 and above memberships to the SeniorLink computer club. Members of the club receive training in computer hardware and software applications. Students also learn about the Internet, social media and computer maintenance.

St. Charles Community College has computer-related courses for learners aged 50 and above. These non-credit courses include Beginner’s Guide to Computers and Adobe Photoshop Basics. The college also has QuickBooks courses focusing on financial data management.