Why Do Schools Host Book Fairs?


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Schools often host book fairs to encourage reading in the student body, or as a form of fund raising for the school. Book fairs are a terrific way to give back to local schools, suggests Scholastic.

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One of the most popular book fairs held in schools throughout is the United States is the Scholastic Books book fair. Scholastic Books aims to generate excitement in students when it comes to reading, while also producing a profit for the school in order to fund such things as buying more books for libraries and other important scholastic events.

Events centered on education have become increasingly more important as the drop out and illiteracy rates in schools rise with each passing year. Book fairs offer an exciting and affordable environment to purchase a book so that they may start to read on their own for fun, which could promote better study habits and grades, along with raising words read per minute and testing scores in areas, such as reading comprehension. Studies show that students who read on their own time tend to do better in school, and lessons learned in books can be applied to every day life. Book fairs promote this desire to read, and in doing so help students ensure a better future in academics.

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