What Are Some Schools in the CSU System?

In the California State University (CSU) system, some schools are Humboldt State University, California Polytechnic State University and the state universities campuses at San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Sonoma. There are 23 state universities in the CSU system.

In the CSU system, the first school founded in 1857 was the San Jose State University. Originally, it was established as Minns Evening Normal School. Presently, the school is situated in the downtown area of San Jose. The campus consists of 154 acres. At this public university, there are 134 degrees offered in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Student enrollment is estimated slightly more than 32,000 for the 2014 academic year, as noted by San Jose State University.

In the CSU system, there are two polytechnic universities, which are Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly at Pomona. Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo was first established as a vocational high school in 1901. This university consists of six different colleges. Cal Poly at Pomona was founded in 1938. In terms of land acreage, the largest campus in the CSU system is Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo with 9,678 acres and in second place is Cal Poly at Pomona with 1.438 acres.

Some other schools in the CSU system are the California State Universities at Long Beach, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield and East Bay.