What Are Some of the Schools in the Concord School District?


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Some schools in the Concord School District are Broken Ground, Beaver Meadow, Christa McAuliffe, Mill Brook and Abbot-Downing. There are seven schools in this school district in Concord, New Hampshire, which include five elementary schools, Rundlett Middle School and Concord High School.

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There are 4,737 students enrolled in this school district, as of 2015. Concord High School has an enrollment of 1,669 students, and 1010 students attend Rundlett Middle School. A total number of nearly 2,000 children attend the five elementary schools in the Concord School District, which also has 311 teachers, notes the New Hampshire Department of Education District profile report. There are 111 teachers teaching at the high school.

The Concord High School has a variety of student clubs and is home to the Crimson Tide athletic teams. The different sports programs and teams at the school are football, volleyball, cross country, field hockey, wrestling, ice hockey, swimming and golf. Rundlett Middle School also has an athletic program.

The Christa McAuliffe Elementary School was opened in 2012. The school is named for Christa McAuliffe, a Concord teacher who died tragically in 1986 aboard the space shuttle Challenger. This school has an enrollment of 418 along with 26 teachers, according to 2015 figures listed by the New Hampshire Department of Education.

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