How Do Schools Come up With a Teaching Curriculum?


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Schools devise teaching curriculum according to standard requirements imposed at the school, district or state level or by assessments. Some school systems also may use a curriculum package.

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How Do Schools Come up With a Teaching Curriculum?
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A school's curriculum correlates to the learning goals and objectives it purports to help its students achieve. Occasionally, the state articulates specific goals and objectives, such as the Common Core Standards Initiative. Common Core is essentially a blueprint that suggests the level of proficiency that students should possess in certain subjects by a certain grade level.

A school may purchase its own textbooks and teaching materials to achieve this end, and schools that do often give preference to materials aligned with Common Core. Each year, students must past assessment tests that help their teachers gauge how on track they are with Common Core.

In instances where test scores are poor, a school may develop recovery curriculum or all new curriculum to address students who cannot achieve Common Core standards, or a school may purchase a curriculum package.

A curriculum package refers to curriculum that an outside organization creates. The International Baccalaureate is one such curriculum package, and it is fairly common in American public schools, as of 2015. The curriculum is extensive and diverse, and teachers perceive that its inherent learning goals, objectives and techniques exceed the existing academic standards of most public schools. Schools can purchase one or several packages and administer them to all or some students.

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