How Do You Find Schools Closings in Your Area?

To determine school closings, visit the websites of a specific school or school district, and check local or regional news stations. Examples of websites with closure information are Middletown Public Schools, Catholic University of America and KMBC TV. Some institutions also have phone numbers or social media platforms for finding out about school closings.

Many local or regional news stations report on school closings in their areas. For example, KMBC in Kansas City and CBS Chicago have websites that report on city school closures in their regions. You can also sign up for KMBC or CBS Chicago's email alerts for updated closings and delays.

Some school districts post delays and closings on their websites, or link to local stations for such information. For example, the Middletown Public School District in Middletown, Connecticut, has a Delays and Closings page that is accessible by hovering over the District Info tab and clicking on the Delays & Closings link. The page provides links to additional media sources for closure information.

In addition to providing closure information on their websites, some schools, such as Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., also provide a phone number that staff, faculty and students can call to see if delays or closures are in effect. As of 2015, Catholic University of America makes announcements by 6 a.m.