How Do Schools Choose Textbooks?

How Do Schools Choose Textbooks?


In some states, the state is in charge of choosing textbooks, and these states have a review board set up to adopt new books. In other states, the school district is responsible for choosing the books that appear in the classrooms.

When the state chooses the textbooks used in classrooms, the books are examined to make sure they meet the minimum standards for approved standards, and some states, such as California, also take the weight of the books into consideration. After the state makes a selection, it will open the books to the public for review and debate before making a final selection.

In states using district approval, the state department of education recommends books to individual districts based on its guidelines. Members of a committee then examine the books which are put to a vote. In some states all books recommended by the school board are approved, some as core textbooks and the others for supplemental reading.

Individual schools make note of school district recommendations, but in some cases, make recommendations of their own. Specific departments will sometimes accept recommendations from textbook manufacturers and the teachers of a particular department will review the books and decide as a group which books to adopt for their department.