What Are Some Schools Where You Can Get Certified As an MRI Technician?


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Schools in the United States with accredited MRI technician programs include: American Academy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in North Carolina, the American Institute of Medical Sciences and Education in New Jersey, Aquarius Institute of Computer Sciences in Illinois, Med Academy in Florida, among others. Some states have one institution of higher education with dedicated MRI technician programs, while others have more. California, for instance, has Casa Loma College and the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts: both colleges have two separate campuses in the state.

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Illinois also has multiple schools for MRI technicians. In addition to the Aquarius Institute of Computer Sciences, it is home to the Midwestern Career College and the MRI Institute and Consulting. Southwest University is a Texas-based school with an MRI technician program, while the MRI School of Minnesota has a pending accreditation status. Some larger schools, like the West Coast Ultrasound Institute, operate in several states and internationally. This institute has campuses in California, Arizona and Canada.

Although requirements vary among schools, most institutes with MRI training programs reward students with an associate degree or certificate following successful program completion. Programs span a period of approximately 12 to 18 months. During that time, students take courses in anatomy, physics, math, chemistry and physiology. Following program completions, students may need to acquire state licenses before practicing.

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