What Is Schoolnet?


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Schoolnet is a platform provided by Pearson that allows educators to supplement their teaching with digital resources. Tools give teachers the ability to create and modify assessments as well as compare results with relevant data. Schoolnet also allows educators to create, store and edit lesson plans.

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Schoolnet's program supports K-12 classrooms. It aims to consolidate data onto one platform, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and giving teachers a clear understanding of students' strengths and weaknesses. Through current data, teachers can spot problem areas and intervene quickly. The idea is that, with less time spent manually reviewing paperwork, educators have more time to give students individual attention.

On a larger scale, data pulled from classrooms can give administrators current feedback on the state of their school or school district. The resulting information gives big-picture evidence of what works and what doesn't. The data compiled by the platform can be used to improve quality of education.

Pearson acquired Schoolnet from Schoolnet, Inc in 2007. The company paid over $200M in cash. After acquiring the company, Pearson expanded the program that is now used in school districts across the United States. The platform has been implemented with positive results in numerous urban school districts, including those of Chicago and Philadelphia.

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