How Does a SchoolMall Fundraiser Work?

How Does a SchoolMall Fundraiser Work?

A SchoolMall fundraiser involves a school signing up with a program, which involves students filling out postcards in booklets sent by this online mall after a school signs up. SchoolMall mails out these postcards provided by students and school. The purpose of this program is to provide schools with a percentage of the online sales generated by the companies affiliated with the SchoolMall program.

SchoolMall is an online shopping that has partnered with major retailers and companies, such as Target, Disney Store and Sears. Approximately 400 retailers participate in this program, where they agree to give up to 50 percent of all paid orders generated by the postcards to the school. Additionally, for every postcard booklet that is filled out, the school also gets $2.25, as of 2015. Students also can receive a prize. The process for starting a school fundraiser is fairly easy

  1. Sign up with SchoolMall
  2. Visit the SchoolMall website and click on the sign up button to be a part of the program. A school administrator can fill in the required information requested by the sign up page.

  3. Wait for the booklets to arrive at the school
  4. Give the students the booklets with the postcards once they arrive. Ask students to take the booklets home and fill these out with names and addresses of people they know. Have students return the booklets with postcards to the school.

  5. Return the filled out booklets back to SchoolMall
  6. Mail back the booklets in the postage paid envelope provided. SchoolMall sends the postcards to people with a brochure offering different items that may be purchased from different online merchants. Along with the postcard and brochure, information on how to shop online is provided.