How Do You Find the School System for Your Address? and the National Center for Education Statistics are two places to find your local school district, or school system, using your address. You can access the NCES school district search tool online at

Type your address into, and click Search. Results include the closest district to your address and neighboring districts. Click on any part of the map to zoom in or view specifics about the results. differentiates different school districts by color, and each set of results includes a color code under Districts.

To use the district search function on, click Search For Public Schools and Districts under Data & Tools. The search tool provides information for schools and districts within an area and does not correlate these to a random address that you enter. Consequently, you may have better luck searching by city and then tracking down districts with schools near your address.

Some city school system websites provide school and district search tools, such as Portland Public School's Find Your School at Information about the nearest school opens in a new window after you type in your home address or any address. Like many school districts, Portland is all one district. There is also a map of the Portland school district, which allows you to examine where you and your nearest school are in relation to others from an aerial perspective.