How Do You Find a School's Teachers?


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Most websites for K-12 schools include a directory of faculty members. These directories typically provide each teacher's email address and other contact information. In addition, details about each teacher's grade level and subject area are usually available.

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How Do You Find a School's Teachers?
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A link to a staff or faculty directory is generally located on a given school's homepage. Teachers often have personal pages attached to a school's website, and they may use these pages to list homework assignments, links to study resources or other information relevant to the class.

In addition to school websites, various online services can provide information on teachers. Teacher Web, a service that provides templates for teacher websites, has a useful search function. A parent or student can also use LinkedIn, an online professional networking site, to search for a teacher's name. Teachers' profiles might also display information about where they previously taught. Many teachers are also on social media and can be contacted through Facebook and Twitter. Some teachers use social media accounts for school-related communication.

If a school does not have an online directory, it is a good idea to contact the school's main office and obtain a printed list of teachers and their corresponding subjects or grade levels.

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