What Are School District Maps?


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School district maps are created to outline residences that are within the district bounds that designate which schools school-aged children can attend. Each school district maps off certain geographic areas to allocate enough space and resources for a successful educational environment for each child within the district. Boundary lines may include an entire city or split up maps, where students on one side of a street attend one school while children on the other side attend a different school.

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What Are School District Maps?
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Parents and students can obtain a school district map by visiting the school district office near their homes or by logging onto the school district's website to view an interactive map. Some states provide online search capabilities for residents to identify district names, numbers, counties or regions served. Parents can also contact educational organizations within their state, such as the Texas Education Association or the Illinois Education Association, to view maps of school district boundaries, school ratings, information about population and instructions on how to enroll a child in school.

School district boundaries are typically determined by local school districts after evaluating population data, building capacities and funding available within the district. The National Center for Education Statistics provides information regarding census results, educational standards, mandatory accommodations and demographic information about students in the district to help school districts make informed decisions when determining resident boundaries.

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