What Is a School District Code?


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A school district code is a distinct number representing each school district in a U.S. state. The code is established by the Census Bureau as part of its School District Review Program.

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What Is a School District Code?
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Each school district in the U.S. has its own school district code within the school's state. There are over 14,000 public school districts in the U.S. The National Center for Education Statistics offers a search engine for all public schools and provides information about each district, including school district codes, names, addresses and phone numbers. AllThingsPolitical.org offers a complete state-by-state listing of all school districts.

Twelve states require school district codes during the State Tax Return application process, as of July 2015. A school board governs each school district, and each school board elects a school superintendent who acts as the chief executive for that district. A school district may comprise of all grades from kindergarten to 12th, making it a unified school district, or it may only have some of these grades. Private schools do not fall under these school districts.

Two or more districts may be combined into a union or consolidated district. A district may have one central administration that controls the entire district, which is often designated by the word "central" in the district's name.

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