How Do You Find the School District for Your Address?

How Do You Find the School District for Your Address?

People looking for the school district for their addresses can log onto the National Center for Education Statistics website (NCES), enter their basic information, and find out in which school district they live. There are several options to help in the search.

To find out the closest school district to a particular address, visit the NCES website.

  1. Search by address
  2. On the website, there are several boxes in which to enter information. The easiest way to search is by entering the street address, city, state and ZIP code in the boxes provided. Residents who already know the school district's name may enter that information in, but it is not necessary.

  3. Extra information
  4. Residents looking for regional, state, federal or other types of schools can select from the boxes on the page. Other search options include number of students. Simply check the boxes that apply and click "Search." If mistakes are made, click the "Clear" button to begin again.

After clicking search, a list of schools will appear on the next screen. If a "No results were found from your search" screen appears, try entering a different address, a phone number or a different ZIP code. From that screen, users can modify the search parameters or begin a new search.