What Are Some of a School Captain's Duties?

Broadly speaking, a school captain acts as the liaison between the student body and teaching staff; she also represents her school at official functions, and she assists the school’s principal or head teacher in relevant matters, including those concerning discipline and governance. As a representative of her school, the captain has a duty to be a good role model for other students, and also take an active interest in addressing their concerns.

Different schools in different countries select their captains in different ways, and their qualities, roles and responsibilities may also differ. However, in general, the captain is intelligent, has a good academic and attendance record, and has the potential to be a good leader. She may be asked to occasionally address the student body on relevant matters, discuss their concerns and help them find workable solutions.

The captain might also be called upon to mentor or coach other students, help identify future student leaders and develop their capabilities. Regular meetings with staff members and parents of other students may also be a part of her duties. The captain represents both her school and its citizens, and as such, she is the face of the school at official functions that involve the school.