How do school book fairs benefit elementary students?


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Some benefits school book fairs provide to elementary school students include the opportunity for students to have access to a large selection of books, encouragement to enjoy reading and the cultivation of literacy. Schools as a whole also benefit from the profits from sold books, notes Anderson's Bookfair Company.

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Students who don't otherwise have access to bookstores can benefit from a fair's selection of publishers and materials at their reading level. Making books available in multiple formats and affordable for students can also improve accessibility. Some book fair companies take into consideration trends from past years' sales at the school to determine what materials are most likely to interest kids to help ensure high-quality materials are sold, mentions Anderson's Bookfair Company.

Book fairs can also encourage elementary kids to read when the books available are about topics that interest them, and kids can often take a look at the books before making a purchase. Kids can read these books alone as well as with their parents. As they continue to read grade-level appropriate books, kids can become more literate, suggests PTOToday.

In addition to these benefits for students, there are also benefits to teachers and schools. Teachers can use these fairs to look for new reading materials for the classroom and get discounts in the process, while schools can either get cash profits for materials sold, receive books in exchange or a combination of these two, notes Anderson's Bookfair Company.

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