How Are School Absence Notes Written?

school-absence-notes-written Credit: Tetra Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

School absence notes must contain certain basic information, including a date, the child’s name, date of absence, reason for absence, a closure, and the signature of one parent or guardian. The format and length of absence notes may vary depending on specific school requirements as well as reason for absence, which might be an illness, injury, legal obligation, death in the family, or celebration of certain religious traditions.

Some learning institutions provide parents and students with standard forms to make the task of excusing students from school easier. Schools vary in reasons that necessitate a school absence, which most list in a comprehensive attendance policy. Under federal and state laws, children must attend school for a certain number of hours in a school day, and for a specific number of days each school year. As circumstances inevitably arise necessitating taking time off from school, educational institutions grant permission for absences provided students and parents provide proper documentation of cause.

Following an absence, regardless of cause, schools typically permit and expect students to make up work during the time of absence, such as take home assignments and tests. In addition to permitting certain absences, schools often have punishments for unexcused absences, and may require students who miss too much school to attend courses over the summer or even repeat a grade level.