How Do You Go to School for Free?


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To go to school for free, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, attend a free tuition school or start a job for a company that extends employees tuition benefits paid for by the employer. Other options include utilizing programs found through an unemployment office or applying for scholarships.

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The FAFSA helps students by extending grants, loans and work-study programs to those who are eligible. It requires personal tax information during the application process. Students do not have to accept the loans offered if they only wish to accept funds that are not required to be repaid. Research schools with free tuition policies to find if there are any in your area. Some employers offer tuition payment in exchange for a set of terms or a contract to remain employed for a set number of years.

Seek help from your local unemployment office to learn about state programs for college training for which you are eligible to apply. There are many state-sponsored grant programs for students returning to school so they can retain employment. Research scholarships at a local library by asking a library representative to direct you to current scholarship books or websites. There is a large amount of unused scholarship money each year, so find as many scholarships for which you are eligible and apply.

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