How Does Scholastic Reading Counts Help Students?


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Scholastic Reading Counts helps students by assessing their reading level, tailoring reading lists to their reading level and evaluating their progress through a computerized comprehension quiz each time they finish a book. Reading assessments are also repeated through the year, and reading lists are realigned in response to increased proficiency.

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The Scholastic Reading Inventory, the program's online assessment tool, requires students to read various short texts and then complete a sentence regarding the passage. The score on the inventory determines their reading level or Lexile range. Schools using this program repeat the inventory several times during a school year in order to challenge students with increasingly complex texts and to identify problems requiring teacher intervention.

Students' suggested independent reading lists are tailored to their Lexile range, grade level and interests and include a range of fiction and non-fiction books. Schools participating in this program index their library books by Lexile range so students can easily locate books at their level. An online listing of books by Lexile range is also available to parents.

Scholastic, the company marketing the program, identifies Scholastic Reading Counts as an ideal resource to help students progress in line with the common core standards as it tests for reading comprehension and provides teachers with immediate indication of a student's progress and challenges.

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