What Scholarships Are Available to SUNY Students?


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There is no central allocation of SUNY scholarships, but most of the institutions do offer financial support. The types of scholarships available, the amount of the awards and who gets the money, is all decided by the individual institution. This is why there is no main list or type of scholarship, but there are usually options depending on the institution the student is attending.

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There are 64 SUNY campuses across the State of New York and they include universities, technology colleges, community colleges and more. The types of factors that can affect the scholarships that are available include the age of the institution, and how many people or organizations are willing to give money to the institution in order to fund a scholarship.

For example, at Binghamton University, which opened in 1946, there are scholarships available across the school. This includes nursing scholarships, scholarships in the school of management and scholarships in the school of engineering.

Another example is Plattsburg. It awards $4 million to students each year, which is enough to fund one in every five students. These scholarships are funded either by the college or by foundations set up following donations. The scholarships range from a few hundred dollars in value up to several thousand.

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