What Are Some Saying of Good Fortune?


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Some sayings of good fortune are "Break a leg" and "Best wishes." In addition, many sayings of good fortunate tie fortune into ambition and hard work such as the saying that "Fortune helps them that help themselves" and "Every wind is against a leaky ship."

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The saying "Break a leg" is used in the theater to wish an actor good luck before a performance. Some say that the saying wards off bad luck for the actor. The phrase might mean a wish that the actor's performance is so good that he is forced to bend his knees in order to take a bow, or that the actor is forced to bend down to pick up coins that an appreciative audience throws to the actor after the performance.

Other expressions of good fortune wish a person success in an endeavor such as "Godspeed," "All the best" and simply wishing a person good luck. If the wish of good fortune is specific to a certain outcome, a saying of good fortune is to hope that the situation works out in the person's favor. Alternatively, a person could express good fortune by wishing smooth sailing.

The saying that fortune helps a person that helps himself is an English saying, but many other countries and societies have similar sayings about the relationship between good fortune and ambition. For example, the Dutch say that fortune does not wait for anyone at the door and the French say that each person is the author of his own good fortune. Similarly, a Yiddish saying about good fortune says that an ounce of luck means more than a pound of gold. The Danish say that all winds blow against a leaky ship.

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