What Are the SAT Score Requirements for Most Colleges?


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As of 2015, 50 percent of SAT scores for private universities range from 620 to 800 in critical reading, 650 to 800 in mathematics and 640 to 800 in writing. SAT scores for liberal arts colleges are from 580 to 790 in critical reading, 600 to 770 in mathematics and 590 to 780 in writing. SAT scores for public universities are from 540 to 730 in critical reading, 590 to 770 in mathematics and 540 to 750 in writing.

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The SAT scores necessary for admittance into universities or colleges depend largely on the institution itself and the standards it sets for academic testing. For instance, 50 percent of students admitted into Harvard University in 2015 had SAT scores between 2,130 and 2,400, while 50 percent of students admitted into Ohio State University that same year had SAT scores between 1,720 and 2,050. Private universities, such as Harvard, are seen as elite educational institutions that have to be highly selective towards the individuals to whom they grant admittance. Public universities, such as Ohio State, are more lenient in the requirements they set forth for individuals to gain admittance.

While it is important for students to score as high as possible on the SAT, there are other criteria that are just as important in the admittance process. For instance, many universities and colleges look at an individual's academic record when considering him for admittance.

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