What Is the SAT Score Needed to Get Into Duke?

Students applying to Duke don't need to have a specific SAT score, although Duke University does require applicants to submit either SAT or ACT, test scores with the application. Since the school is highly competitive and difficult to get accepted into, a high SAT score, such as one above 1310, is helpful for increasing the chances of admission, notes CollegeData. Peterson's reported a 13 percent acceptance rate for the entering class of 2014.

Duke's class of 2019 had average SAT scores of 697 for math, 673 for critical reading and 676 for writing, according to school profile information from College Data. The highest performing applicants scored 800 on all three sections. The average ACT score, on the other hand, was 31.

In addition to having good SAT scores, Duke applicants should have a strong high school academic record, a high grade point average, a competitive class rank, a strong admissions essay and strong personal recommendations. Extracurricular activity participation, positive personal qualities and special talents can also help with admissions. Although these are the most important factors Duke considers, those admitted may also do well on admissions interviews, have a record of volunteer work, possess work experience or come from a specific background.