How Do SAS Curriculum Pathways Products Work?


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SAS Curriculum Pathways products work by offering standards-based interactive lessons, tools, apps and resources in the core disciplines. Teachers, administrators, home school parents and students create an account for free using an email address and, after verification, may begin using the program immediately. As of January 2016, there are over 1,500 resources available in disciplines such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Spanish.

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SAS Curriculum Pathways offers interactive resources that supplement classroom instruction. Curriculum specialists, software developers and user-interface designers draw on research and work closely with teachers to develop lessons and tools. These resources engage a student and take an understanding of key concepts to a deeper level. Each product is evaluated by researchers and assessed in the classroom before it is offered in the resource library.

Some popular resources SAS Curriculum Pathways offers include Algebra 1, Writing Navigator and Punctuation Rules. Algebra 1 uses video and text to review key concepts such as how to solve equations and inequalities, graph functions, display and analyze data, and simplify radical and polynomial expressions. Writing Navigator uses various tools to teach the four-stage writing process, consisting of planning, drafting, revising and publishing. Punctuation Rules uses lessons and quizzes to review the most common punctuation marks and how they are used.

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