What Are Some Samples for Journal Writing?


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Personal journal entries may explain a variety of thoughts surrounding events and everyday life. An example from WikiHow.com shows a person's thoughts in the lead-up to Thanksgiving, including her nervousness at the thought of the family coming together. Other personal thoughts include a poem and a description of returning to the family home. The sample school journal entry includes three days' worth of journals, which describe the writer's work on a research project. UND.edu also offers examples for journal writing.

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A journal sample at UND.edu shows the writer's thoughts about the movie "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope." The first paragraph is an outline of the plot, and the journal entry then moves into a discussion of the themes and moral dilemmas. The entry concludes with the writer's thoughts and the lasting impression he got from the movie.

The journal sample from UND.edu includes a commentary next to each paragraph that explains what the writer was hoping to achieve in each section. The commentator notes that it is important to think critically when discussing texts in a school journal.

Those attempting to start a journal should write fearlessly, without worrying about proper spelling and punctuation. It's also helpful to practive rereading previous entries to gain insight and trying to keep writing until it becomes a habit.

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