What Are Some Sample Test Questions for the Home Health Aide Test?

A few sample questions for the home health aide test can include when to wear gloves with a client, what is considered a form of restraint and why a client's health plan is important. From the choices given as possible answers for these questions, the answers are that aides should use gloves when their hands are chapped, a form of restraint can be any clothing that a client cannot remove easily and health plans are important because they delineate the specific care needs of the client. These are some of the questions found on a sample test offered by Prometric.com.

Home health aides must go through training as specified by the different states in the United States. In training, students learn to assist clients with grooming, bathing, food preparation and other daily tasks. The training may be 75 hours long, as noted by InnerBody.com. After training, students must pass a standardized test to work in the field.

The test has multiple-choice questions that can be on topics that include communication skills, infection control, observation, reporting and documentation, reading and recording vital signs, emergency procedures and body functions and changes. As of 2015, the Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care provides a link to a sample test that contains 100 multiple-choice questions at IAHHC.org. Some questions on this test may involve the use for a urinary leg bag, the most important number to call in an emergency situation and the length of time needed to take a client's pulse.