What Is a Sample Retirement Speech?

What Is a Sample Retirement Speech?

Websites, such as Write Out Loud, Occasional Words and Presentation, offer sample retirement speeches for different careers. A retirement speech starts with welcoming the guests and thanking the hosts, a few memories from work, appreciation for team efforts and recognition of especially helpful co-workers.

A sample retirement speech starts with "Welcome everyone," and perhaps includes a light joke about the nice words being said about the retiree. The speech continues by mentioning the name of the company and the number of years the retiree has worked for them. This is followed by gratitude for both the company and for the organizers of the event.

The next part of the speech is personal. The speaker can relate a few funny or inspiring stories from the work place. For instance, a teacher may talk about the changing fashions, while an IT specialist may talk about the changes in computer technology.

After that, retirement speeches usually go into the gratitude phase. Speakers thank special people who made their success at work possible. If friends or loved ones are in attendance, the retiree usually thanks them as well.

The retirement speech should end on a positive note. Quite often speakers raise a toast and bid "farewell." Another option is to encourage others to take up where the retiree left off. Some speakers choose inspiring words or even a quotation.