What Are Some Sample Questions From a Middle Level ISEE Test?


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An example of a problem that a student might be asked to solve on the middle level Independent School Entrance Exam test is finding an estimate of the circumference of a circle with a radius of 23 centimeters. This question would be considered a Mathematics Achievement question and would have a selection of multiple choice answers to choose from. A representative Quantitative Reasoning question might ask a student to determine the next term in a numeric sequence.

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The middle level ISEE test is an admissions assessment test for sixth and seventh graders who are hoping to enroll as seventh or eighth graders in ISEE-participating independent schools. The middle grade test includes an essay portion and four multiple choice sections. The multiple choice sections are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Mathematics. An essay topic might ask a student to identify a character that she admires from a book and to write about their reasons for admiring this character.

Verbal Reasoning questions include fill-in-the-blank sentence completion questions with one or two missing words. The quantitative reasoning questions include problems in determining numerical patterns. The mathematical achievement section tests how well students apply mathematical equations to solve problems. The reading comprehension section includes text passages with questions designed to determine how well the text was understood, including an understanding of key terms and an ability to identify main ideas.

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