What Are Some Sample Questions for a Jurisprudence Exam?


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Sample questions on a jurisprudence exam include "Which class of drugs are Physician Assistants barred from prescribing?" and "Providers must report cases of suspected neglect or abuse in what period of time?" according to Cram.com. Jurisprudence exams test practitioners' knowledge of laws in the state where they practice.

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Jurisprudence exams are required by many states for practitioners in fields such as nursing, physical therapy, social work, dentistry and speech pathology, according to FSBPT.org. Many states and national professional organizations offer practice tests with explanations of the correct answers.

Questions ask "What types of injuries must be reported to the Department of Health?" and "What must a nurse do if dispensing a double dose of medicine when a single dose is prescribed?" according to CNO.org. Other questions include "True or false: Hospitals are required to provide a medical exam for anyone who requests one in the emergency room for a medical condition" and "What family member may give consent for organ donation of a deceased patient?"

Because each state has its own laws, the answer to the question "Who is in charge of investigating HIPAA violations?" differs from state to state. The correct answer to the sample question "May a physician deny a request to forward medical records on the basis of unpaid medical bills?" is "no" in Texas, but it may be different in another state.

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